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Bouch's Smoked Trout

Taken from the Bradley Smoker Forum

I have used this recipe MANY times and LOVE it although most of the time I use Burbon because it is what I have on hand! The only thing I do different is I ramp up the temp slowly as described in the Smiked Lake Erie Steelhead Recipe on this site.

Quote from Bouch:

" am from Québec and my english is not very well because i translate the french on english and probably you will have fun to read me[:I]
But me i smoke trout and all my friend love it[:p]

i hope i will be able to give you my recipe correctly.[^]
first the brine.
it is for 5 pounds of trouts... ok
in a plastic plate always not in metal never.
40 once cold water
1 cup coarse salt
1 cup brown sugar or sirup maple
4 once cognac not to cheap[;)]
4 once honny
1 lemon
1 onion
2 clove of garlic
cut garlic, onion, 
mixing all well until salt is dissolve.
put trout in and place to fridge for 18 hours

after rinse just a little bit under cold water verry little bit
wipe it with scott towel and less dry 2 hours.

for smoking ... me i smoke with apple or cherry.
and i keep the température at 57 degree celcius not more.
for about 6 to 7 hours to depend tickness of trout
and texture you love it.
and finaly for the best resultat put the trout on fridge for 24 hours to lest the smoke and brine is finished.

hope you enjoy this recipe
 and if possible if you try it let me know if you have