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My favorite Christmas Eve dish!
This is the way my Great Grandmother made it. So simple to make! Even if you do not like anchovies you will love this!

1# - Uncooked Spaghetti
4 - 2oz cans of Anchovies in Olive Oil
2 - Cloves of Garlic

Start Water for Spaghetti.
Open all for cans of anchovies enough to drain Olive Oil into a small Gravy Pot.
Peal and slice garlic into 1/4s and add to Olive Oil
Under low heat until Garlic is nicely browned.
Remove Garlic and discard.
Add anchovies and constantly stir until hot oil breaks them down in very small pieces.
Turn off heat.
Continue with spaghetti until done and remove 1 1/2 cups of water from Spaghetti and add to anchovies and oil mixture.
Reserve another cup of water and set back.
Drain DO NOT RINSE spaghetti.
Return Spaghetti to Pot it was cooked in and add Anchovy mixture and stir in.
Cover tightly and allow to rest 30 minutes (should be almost soupy)
Spaghetti should absorb all of the liquid and swell. Add more reserved pasta water if needed.
This is best after resting over night but who can wait that long?
Serve with lots of Shake Cheese and maybe a bit of red pepper flakes!